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Nuts Over Jummy Java

Things That You Might Not Know about the National Coffee Association

The National Coffee Association is stirring a number of pots (no pun intended), regarding coffee and consumerism today. Their annual convention in 2014 broke an attendance record, and allowed the association to fund and engage in studies that claim to boost evidence that diabetes risk for coffee drinkers is reduced,→ Read more
Fun Coffee Facts

Some (fun) Coffee Stats to Absorb While You’re Drinking That First Cup of Coffee

With the end of the year approaching, a list of some interesting coffee stats from 2014 might pique your interest and help you appreciate that cup of Joe you're cradling in your palm right now a little more...→ Read more
What Is a Shade Coffee Farm

What Is a Shade Coffee Farm and Where Are They?

Approximately 90% of the coffee grown in El Salvador is grown in shade plantations, and roughly 80% of the forests in El Salvador are linked to shade coffee plantations. What does all that mean?→ Read more