About Us


Love the coffee… and love to share the experience of drinking a nice cup of quality, gourmet coffee… AND THAT’S ALL HOW IT BEGAN 🙂

We thought of opening a brick and mortar coffee shop first, but the idea of confining ourselves into a specific geographical area wasn’t just good enough to share the experience with the whole wide world. So we decided to open an online coffee shop to reach the coffee lovers. You think that would be easier right…??? well, that’s what we thought first; no coffee machines, no rent, no contracts… boy were we wrong!

We had to learn all about internet marketing, SEO (means; Search Engine Optimization, in case you don’t know), e-commerce web development… and on the top of all that the logistics such as shipping, labeling, inventory, just to mention a few!

Regardless though, we are up and running, and ready to share all the good coffee with you.

Just like any business, we first thought of putting all the coffee that we have experience with on our site. That became too confusing, and frankly we didn’t think it would be fair for our coffee lovers to go through that argues selection process: DRINKING COFFEE SHOULD BE SIMPLE, ENJOYABLE, SATISFYING… so we have selected the best of the best, and stuck with 6 types of premium coffee that should cover the coffee spectrum; Dark, Medium, Mild, Breakfast Blend (which is actually Medium), and a Decaff.

We stand behind our coffee, and we put a lot of work and love into it… so our promise is; YOU WILL BE SATISFIED WITH THE QUALITY OF OUR COFFEE!

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact our customer service at 855.We.Jummy (855.935.8669), or use our Contact Page to send us a message… We’d love to hear from you… 🙂



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