Arabica Coffee

Arabica Coffee – The Coffee Champion

It’s common to choose your favorite type of coffee without thinking about it, whether it’s by brand, manufacturer, or to merely defined by your taste between medium and dark roast. However, it pays to know about the type of coffee you like. One of the most common types of coffee is Arabica coffee. The main types of coffee preferred by coffee drinkers around the world include Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee is believed to originally come from Ethiopia. You might be interested to know that approximately 75% to 85% of coffee production around the world is created from Arabica coffee. That’s because Arabica coffee beans are known for their flavor and taste.

You’ll be glad to know that there are approximately 6 types of Arabica coffee. If at all possible, you’d do yourself a favor by trying them all. The most popular types of Arabica coffee beans include:

  • Bourbon – developed in the early 1700s on an island in the Indian Ocean
  • Typica – high quality grown in most coffee producing regions of the world
  • Catuai – this coffee bean is a blend with flavors somewhere between the Caturra and Mundo Novo bean flavor
  • Caturra – a Brazilian coffee now grown in Colombia – bold and flavorful
  • Mundo Novo – a hybrid developed in the 1940s by crossing Typica and Bourbon coffee beans
  • Blue Mountain – Jamaican grown coffee is a Typica coffee bean variety – and one of the most sought after coffees in the world

The environment where coffee beans are grown plays a huge role in taste, flavor, body, and aroma. Coffees tend to absorb, so to speak, the flavors of not only the soil in which they’re grown, but also take advantage of altitude and temperature that often impact quality. In some locations around the world, coffee grown above 7,000 feet can take over five years to mature. At the same time, the higher the altitude where coffee is grown and the slower it therefore matures, the more concentrated and rich flavors are produced.

Does knowing that make you appreciate your cup of coffee a little bit more? It should. Of the dozens of coffee species that exist around the world, only a limited number – three actually – are good enough to drink. Arabica coffee is the most common and the most popular type or species of coffee consumed by coffee lovers around the world.

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