espresso vs other coffee

Espresso vs. The ‘Other’ Coffee

A lot of people think that espresso is a type of coffee, but actually, it's just a definition of how coffee is prepared. So, what's the difference between espresso and other forms of coffee including coffee latte, mocha, cappuccino, Americano, or Breve?→ Read more
Coffee Break at Work

Time for a Coffee Break At Work – Relieve Stress

Coffee breaks are more than just for those quick pick me ups. Coffee breaks can actually relieve and reduce stress in your life. The Mayo Clinic suggests taking occasional coffee breaks with friends to help reduce stress, where you don't have to drink the coffee to feel better. Open up→ Read more
Fair Trade To Fight Poverty

Your Morning Cup of Coffee Can Help Fight Poverty

Did you know that a cup of coffee can fight poverty? Fair Trade coffee such as those sold by Jummy Java provide support to small coffee producers around the world.→ Read more