Coffee Cake

Everything You Wanted to Know About Coffee Cake

You may remember Grandma making coffee cake, and there was nothing tastier than coffee cake for breakfast in the morning along with an aromatic, full-bodied cup of coffee. Coffee cake isn’t made with coffee though, so why do they call it coffee cake?

While you’re sipping that hot cup of coffee, sit back and relax and we’ll tell you a few interesting facts about coffee cake, and while it’s a morning standard in many homes today. Most traditional coffee cakes are, of course, cake-like in nature, but perhaps a little denser, with some type of crumbled or cinnamon and sugar topping. Some coffee cakes are glazed, frosted, or left plain, but regardless of how they’re served, they’re a delicious accompaniment to a good strong cup of coffee in the morning, for a midafternoon treat, or a before-bedtime snack.

Coffee cake belongs to a family of sweet breads that can be topped with fruit, frosting, glazes or crumbs. Coffee cake in some form is traditional in many countries, and not just the US. Coffee cakes are classified as little snack cakes or handheld cakes that are intended to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Back in the day when entertaining in the home was common, offering coffee cake and coffee was considered the epitome of manners and hospitality, traditionally served in the living room around a “coffee table”.

Coffee cake comes in many different shapes and sizes including ring-shaped, rectangular, round, or square. The toppings for coffee cake are commonly flavored with walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, frosting, or left plain.

Coffee cake and coffee is as common to the United States as tea and crumpets are in England. Regardless of how you prepare or serve coffee cake, it’s always delicious, especially when you dunk your slice of coffee cake into your coffee. It’s like dipping an Oreo or chocolate chip cookie into milk. It’s just done that way!

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