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Jummy Java Started Offering Fair Trade and Organic Coffee

Fair Trade Organic CoffeeJummy Java, an independent gourmet coffee company, is pleased to now provide customers with even more selections of Organic Fair Trade Coffee and Fair Trade Coffee. Fair Trade ensures farmers work under safe working conditions, as well as providing a fair wage and long-term sustainability. Purchasing Fair Trade products enables farmers to earn better wages that can be used to invest in their land and continue growing and producing quality coffee that improves family living conditions in poverty-stricken countries.

Varieties of countries represented in the premium coffee selection at Jummy Java include:


  • Organic Ethiopian Zest
  • Honduras Choco
  • Decaf Peruvian
  • Viva la France!


  • Sumatra Breeze
  • Burundi Delight
  • Sao Paulo Dream

Fair Trade CoffeeThe most popular brands sold at Jummy Java to date include Breakfast the Best, Medium Roast Brazilian, Medium Roast Ethiopian, Decaf Swiss, Mild to Mild, and Dark to Dark. The online gourmet coffee shop prides itself on offering unique blends of Latin American and African coffee blends, rich in flavor and texture without the bitter aftertaste present in many mainstream roasts. Jummy Java also offers private labeling, as well as drop ship services through Drop Ship Coffee Company (http://dropshipcoffeecompany.com/) for businesses who wish to provide premium quality roasts in a range of establishments.

“We’re proud to continue expanding our coffee products to meet customer demand with some of the best coffee growers in the world,” states Gurhan Demirkan, The Founder of JummyJava.com. “We also focus on providing a wide range of Fair Trade coffees that support regional coffee growers. Offering private labeling services also increases our ability to expand our services and focus on providing consumers with some of the best-tasting coffee out there.”

Press Release: http://jummy-java.i-newswire.com/press-release/jummy-java-started-offering-fair-trade-and-organic-coffee