Why Does Coffee Smell Good

Mmm Mmm…Why Does Coffee Smell so Good?

There’s that moment when you take a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your hands but before you take a sip, you lower your nose deep into the mug and take a rather large inhale. Ahh – the smell of coffee!

Why does coffee smell so good? Our nose is a magical sensory organ, designed to allow us to experience the pleasant – and not so pleasant – odors around us. According to the BASF Corporation, the nose can distinguish nearly 10,000 different smells! Coffee doesn’t just grow so aromatically pleasing; in fact, much of the intoxicating smell we love most about coffee comes after the roasting process. During the roasting process, sugar molecules combine with amino acids to create a reaction, which turns the coffee bean from a green hue to the rich brown shade we all recognize. At the same time, countless aromas are released from the bean, and when combined with roasting, this overall process is what gives us that iconic whiff coffee lovers know well. Caramel and nutty notes are two of the most distinctive natural flavors and aromas emitted through roasted coffee – but of course, you have your countless range of added flavoring agents to bring you some of the most popular brews, such as French vanilla, hazelnut cream or the seasonal must-have, pumpkin spice!

One interesting point is that no one has been able to successfully replicate the exact smell of coffee artificially – but who would want that? Brewing up a pot of coffee and enjoying it is one of the small pleasures in life! For some, just inhaling a good whiff of coffee is enough to wake them up for the day. With nearly 800 nose-pleasing odors in coffee, it’s no wonder you’ll find countless people with their nose in a bag of freshly ground beans or a newly brewed cup of coffee. These appealing smells offer positive connections and memories to the coffee drinker, so it’s not only a smell-good drink…it’s a feel-good one at that.