Fun Coffee Facts

Some (fun) Coffee Stats to Absorb While You’re Drinking That First Cup of Coffee

You love your cup of coffee, and your reasons are your own. Can you imagine what the world would be like without coffee? Can you imagine how grumpy, tired, and irritable half the people around you would be if they didn’t get their cup of Joe first thing in the morning? It’s horrifying to consider.

That being said, and with the end of the year approaching, a list of some interesting coffee stats from 2014 might pique your interest and help you appreciate that cup of Joe you’re cradling in your palm right now a little more. For example, according to coffee, coffee shops in 2014 enjoyed a nearly 7% annual growth rate this year. Throughout the world, roughly 120 million bags of coffee were sold.

Can you guess the average of cups of coffee sold in your average coffee bar on a daily basis? You’re likely wrong if you said under 230 cups a day. You want to put that into perspective? In Italy, consumers gulp down over 14 billion espressos a year! Wowza – that’s a lot of caffeine. Americans drink approximately 400 million cups of coffee daily, which, you guessed it, puts the United States in the lead for coffee consumption on a global basis.

Here’s a few more interesting facts about coffee drinking habits and statistics, based on

  • In the United States, 54% of adults over the age of 18 drink coffee daily
  • Only 35% of coffee drinkers take their coffee black
  • US consumers spend nearly $4 billion on imported coffee annually
  • Nearly one third of the coffee produced in the world comes from Brazil

Want to know how many coffee drinkers absolutely, positively require a cup of coffee before they can even think about starting their day? A surprising 60%, while just over 50% of coffee drinkers firmly believe that without that cup of coffee, they won’t “feel like themselves”. Finally, in the United States alone, nearly $18 billion is spent on a yearly basis on specialty coffees.

Now if that doesn’t put that morning cup of coffee or holding right now into perspective, we don’t know what will. But we’re more than willing to help. Jummy Java is an independent gourmet coffee shop that is more than happy to contribute to some of the statistics listed above.