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Things That You Might Not Know about the National Coffee Association

That’s right, there is a National Coffee Association that is solely devoted to coffee. It’s responsible for market research, lobbying, and consumer information in the US. Founded in 1911, it’s one of the first trade associations in the country. In fact, the National Coffee Association hosts a convention every year, as well as a Coffee Summit. They’re involved in regulatory developments, market research, and legislature.

The National Coffee Association is stirring a number of pots (no pun intended), regarding coffee and consumerism today. Their annual convention in 2014 broke an attendance record, and allowed the association to fund and engage in studies that claim to boost evidence that diabetes risk for coffee drinkers is reduced, as is risk of what is known as fatty liver disease.

Coffee is serious business. Jummy Java likes to keep our finger on the pulse of the coffee world around us, from biodiversity to the latest in market research, and, of course, a variety of statistics that define the importance of coffee in our lives. Indeed, the National Coffee Association supported a report in 2010 titled “Portrait of the Coffee Consumer: the Impact of Age, Gender, and Ethnicity on Consumer Behaviors and Attitudes”, focusing on what motivates coffee consumer habits.

If you’re interested, and happen to live in the area, you just might want to check out the 104th annual National Coffee Association convention in Charleston South Carolina in March 2015. It might be an eye-opening experience.

The next time you brew that pot of coffee and enjoy that first sip, take a moment to acknowledge the great impact that coffee has on your life. Coffee has a huge impact on our attitudes, behaviors, and our spending habits. With tens of billions of dollars being spent by countries around the world on coffee, it also has a huge impact on the economy. Actually, coffee happens to be the second most traded and valuable commodity in the world, ranked only behind petroleum! Over 50 countries in the world produce coffee today, which means roughly 25 million farmers are involved in bringing that cup of coffee to your table every morning.

Brazil is the leader when it comes to coffee production and exports, followed closely behind by Columbia, then Vietnam, Indonesia, and finally, Mexico. With over three billion pounds of coffee imported into the United States every year, you can well imagine the impact that has on our economy. So the next time you enjoy that sip of coffee, you might want to thank the National Coffee Association and its involvement in making sure that your coffee will always only be an arm’s reach away.