Vacuum Sealed Coffee

Vacuum Sealed CoffeeThe vacuum sealing trend has caught on in many kitchens, and we’ve become accustomed to vacuum sealing meats, vegetables, and produce in order to preserve nutrients, freshness, and flavor. Does the same hold true for coffee? Like freezing or refrigerating coffee, you’ll definitely get opinions from people you ask about vacuum sealing coffee. Some think it’s okay and don’t notice much of a taste difference, while others would say absolutely not.

Keep in mind that just because you vacuum seal something, including coffee beans or coffee grounds, doesn’t mean that those grounds or beans will remain fresh indefinitely. However, if you do want to vacuum seal your coffee, make sure that your vacuum sealer takes as much oxygen out of the package as possible. Ground coffee works best when vacuum sealing, and may not always taste as good as a freshly ground coffee, but it’s perfectly fine to most people’s palates.

Vacuum sealed coffee grounds are often available from domestic and international shippers for a variety of coffee types and flavors, but some do better with vacuum sealing than others. Follow a few simple steps to ensure that your coffee will offer the aroma, taste, and body that you expect, even after vacuum sealing.

  • When vacuum sealing, use high-quality food saver bags available for your brand of vacuum sealer.
  • Pack ground coffee into the bag, making sure that you leave about an inch at the end of the bag to enable easier opening and closing.
  • You may also prefer to pour your ground coffee out of the packaging or can you purchased it in and directly into a food saver type bag. Once it’s adequately sealed, store it in your freezer.

Keep in mind that your frozen ground coffee can last up to two years if it’s been properly vacuum sealed, but if it hasn’t, you can expect it to remain fresh and flavorful for about six months. If you don’t want to freeze your vacuum sealed coffee, you can keep it in a cool, dark pantry for approximately five or six months. If that coffee has not been sealed properly, shelf life will not exceed a month.

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