Fair Trade To Fight Poverty

Your Morning Cup of Coffee Can Help Fight Poverty

Did you know that a cup of coffee can fight poverty? Fair Trade coffee such as those sold by Jummy Java provide support to small coffee producers around the world. Fair Trade coffees guarantee a minimum price to smaller, rural-based farmers and provide them with direct links to a variety of importers. This creates sustainability, allows these farmers to earn better incomes, and to invest in their property, thereby continually maintaining quality over their product.

Pound for pound, Fair Trade coffees pay farmers better than the average market pricing, which as of 2009 was $1.25, with Fair Trade coffees offering those farmers $1.69 per pound.

What difference does it make?

Fair Trade coffee producers and suppliers focus on economic, environmental, and social development of independent farmers, many of whom produce coffee for major coffee brands and suppliers throughout the US.

We, in Jummy Java support these farmers through their premium gourmet coffee options. Some of our popular Organic Fair Trade, and Fair Trade coffees include:

    • Organic Ethiopian Zest
    • Honduras Choco
    • Decaf Peruvian
    • Viva la France!
    • Sumatra Breeze
    • Burundi Delight
    • Sao Paulo Dream

In addition to the Fair Trade coffees delivered by Jummy Java, consumers also have a choice of light, medium or dark roast coffees, espressos, and blends. We support independent regional coffee growers and help to strengthen farming communities with a focus on Mexican, Central and South American growers, providing increased benefits to farmworkers, farmers, and consumers.

Some Facts On Fair Trade

  • The Fair Trade for All initiative has earned rural coffee growers around the world increased earnings in excess of $225 million – in increased sustainable income since the late 1990s, enabling them to support their families as well as maintain their land for the production of premium coffees.
  • Fair Trade for All has focused on strengthening cooperatives with support from many notable organizations including the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Lutheran World Relief, and Progreso, promoting sustainable livelihoods for small, rural cooperatives of coffee farmers not only in Mexico and Central and South America, but around the globe.

Millions of discerning customers are supporting this initiative by consuming greater volumes of Fair Trade coffees. Jummy Java is proud to join the initiative with the addition of a variety of flavors and blends.

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